Tiny Drone Camera Hovers Over Your Shoulder And Records Your Life

<p>Always Innovating&#8217;s MeCam will be like having your own pet quadcopter.</p>

If you were intrigued to hear about the launch of wearable camera Memoto then, depending on your views on self-imposed surveillance, you’ll either be elated or terrified to hear of MeCam. MeCam, from company Always Innovating, is a tiny quadcopter that can follow you around and record your activities, and then send the corresponding video to your smartphone or tablet.

Currently in development, this little pet drone should be available as soon as next year for just $50—that’s what the plan is, at least. So, while you’re busting your Google glasses you can get this little guy to record what you look like, as well as all the strange looks you’re getting. The hovering camera can either be controlled by voice commands or by using something called a “follow-me” feature.

The MeCam

This “self video nano copter” will probably be ringing alarm bells for those lamenting an idea we used to call privacy, but it’s effectively doing the same thing as Google’s Project Glass will do, letting you record video and upload it to the web—except this could potentially hover places it’s not meant to.

Whether the device actually comes to fruition will remain to be seen, but if it does, its size means battery life will inevitably be an issue. But look past the unsavory ways it might be used and its low battery life, and think how great you’ll look walking down the street with a tiny drone hovering over your shoulder. You’ll look like a futuristic Long John Silver.

Images courtesy of Always Innovating.

[via Geekosystem]