Times Square Is Melting (Thanks To Takeshi Murata)

<p>His <i>Melter 2</i> video work is featured on the big screen all month.</p>

Though recently he’s been cranking out hyper-realistic and oddly pristine digital prints themed around Mars and “Synthesizers,” US-based animator Takeshi Murata’s psychedelic 3-minute video work Melter 2 is coming back into the light—the bright lights of Times Square that is.

Every night this month at 11:57 PM, Melter 2 will stream from Times Square screens (best viewing from Duffy Square or Military Plaza) as part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, presented by Times Square Advertising Coalition, and curated by Electronics Arts Intermix.

The video work is a spectacular landscape of melting, colliding colors and will be sure to drop a few jaws from it’s debut on the big screen.

Find out how Murata made Melter 2 in our behind-the-scenes video above. Preview the work below.