Timelapse Meets Animation in This Nature-Loving Short Film

Filmmaker Filippo Rivetti and animator Tatiana Poliektova joined forces to create 'Cinema Dehors,' a timelapse with a touching story to tell.

Fusing the natural beauty of a timelapse with the elegant artifice afforded by animation, filmmaker Filippo Rivetti and animator Tatiana Poliektova have created Cinema Dehors, a mixed-media short film about appreciating natural beauty.

The film opens on what appears to be a deftly executed timelapse of a verdant forest. Before long, however, Poliektova's influence takes over, as tiny, animated reflections and superimposed creatures begin milling about the frame. The creatures, which look like hairy potatoes with human faces, add an adorable narrative element to the images of roiling clouds, mountains, and oceans that timelapse aficionados are familar with. One can't help but feel for the strange gopher-like protagonist as he tries to appreciate the beauty around him, while his gopher/human buddies just want to stare at a screen all day. It's a gorgeous effort in timelapse videography and a charming ode to the self-affirming glory of nature. 

Check out some of our favorite genre-bending moments from Cinema Dehors below:

Visit Rivetti's website here to see more of his work, and Poliektova's Vimeo page here for more of her animation.


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