This Toy May Replace The Rubik's Cube, With Help From 3D Printers

Meet the Marusenko Sphere, your new favorite, frustrating puzzle game.

The Rubik's Cube will always be a mind-teasing classic, but it's about time we upgrade for another simple-yet-infinitely-frustrating puzzle game. Meet the Marusenko Sphere, a Spanish toy that includes 54 pieces, 9 types of movements, and five levels of difficulty. This might be the brain buster that finally usurps the 40-year-old Rubik's cube, and its modern look is paralleled by its modern design process.

According to 3D Printing Industry, the Marusenko Sphere was produced using an EOS FORMIGA P 100 3D printer, allowing the company to test a variety of prototypes before finalizing a design. According to an EOS spokespearson, the 3D printer was essential for experimenting with a variety of looks and shapes, due to its speed and cost-efficiency. Plus, no adhesive glues or small parts were used that could be a risk to children. 

The Sphere comes in 10 color schemes and is guaranteed to make you just as frustrated as Rubik's Cubes already do. See more at the company's website