This Surreal Slit-scan Film Will Make Your Eyes Wobble

<p>A couple dance refracted through the funhouse mirror of slit-scan photography.</p>

timeRemapExportHD from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Slit-scan photography and filmmaking creates strange looking images that look like they’ve been stretched and distorted as the recorded subject is captured in a series of frames. The resulting effect is a warped video or image that doesn’t give a damn for physics, just like in the video above, the practically titled timeRemapExportHD.

The film, from Adrien M and Claire B, shows two people engaging in a surreal dance as their bodies contort and refract like they’re being pulled through a wormhole, fluttering across the screen in waves of strangeness.

The same technique has been used by many different people, including Ansen Seale and his Slitscan camera which creates the effect using a custom-made camera.

[via Colossal]