This Is What A Million Dollar Synth Looks Like

<p>It&#8217;s part art piece, part musical instrument.</p>

With music-making equipment so ubiquitous and relatively cheap these days, how would you feel about forking out a million bucks for a musical instrument? Go on, treat yourself. Because that’s the price tag on artist Arius Blaze’s electroacoustic Impossible Box.

This “somewhat raw and imperfect” behemoth has effects processing, acoustic interaction, drum synthesis, sequencing, midi clock connection, multitracking, filtration, sampling, and thumb pianos. But rather than just being a machine to make bleepy sounds, the purpose was to create sounds “by any means necessary” for making film music and whatever else you want. Considering you would have just paid a million dollars for it, probably best to soundtrack your entire life and everyone you know with it, to get your money’s worth.

And if you’re wondering what this beast of a synth box sounds like, the sound can be “rather sweet or rather raucous”. Put it on the Christmas list.

[via Boing Boing]