This Interactive Pavilion Makes Surveillance Fun

<p>A reactive sculpture that surveys the passage of visitors and turns it into an <span class="caps">LED</span> display.</p>

Surveillance is not usually something that results in much fun. Big Brother spying and recording your every offline/online move is no megalulz, but design firm Bios Design Collective have used the idea to create an interactive artwork that spies on people to create a colorful LED display based on visitors’ movements.

The piece is a new temporary pavilion in San Jose, there until February 1st, called Coloniatecne. It’s a responsive piece which monitors visitors passing through the tunnel using sonar sensors which are attached to the wooden structure. Their motion is fuel for the display that occurs on the plastic scales and LEDs which are also attached.

These LEDs are paired with microprocessors which receive and process the information from the sensors, translating the paths people take through the sculpture into shifting colors and patterns. Making it probably one of the only times you won’t mind being spied on by technology.

Photos: Peter Prato

[via Architizer]