This Experimental Footwear Collection Has A Mind Of Its Own

<p>Benjamin John Hall channels the existential in <i>Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection</i>.</p>

Birth, Life, Death & Resurrection (Fire Lasting©) FULL EDIT (5 minutes 14 sec) from Benjamin John Hall on Vimeo.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if objects could reincarnate themselves? What about living things? These questions of the lifecycle and all of its complications and nuances fueled the conceptually footwear collection by London-based designer Benjamin John Hall. Entitled Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection, the collection is composed of seven handmade, “functioning” pairs of shoes. While they not be the most wearable items, his concepts are thought-provoking and innovative.

Above, watch a visual documentation of the shoes undergoing physical processes relating to the collection’s themes. Like a living creature being born, one pair are born encased in an amniotic sac that are sliced opened. Umbilical cords are cut and voila—the shoes have entered the world.

The other pairs breathe, grow, die, pump paint, explode balloons, and are even resurrected in fire. As the title suggests, Hall’s collection is intended to touch on the variations in people's attitudes or beliefs surrounding our experience of birth, life, death, and resurrection.

This past July, Hall’s “Lazarus Wedge” won the International YKK Award at ITS (International Talent Support) in Trieste, Italy. It was made with a YKK fire retardant zip and then set on fire. The women’s shoes were initially designed as a part of an artistic collaboration with fashion designer, Alexandra Groover.

Check them all out below.

Photos courtesy of Benjamin John Hall.