This Book Cover Judges You

An Arduino-enabled book cover that passes judgement on its readers.

The age-old idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" gets flipped on its head when it comes to this high tech book cover that judges its readers. Only after your face has been scanned for signs of judgement or prejudice will the lock on the front click open and allow you to view its contents.

Designed by Amsterdam-based studio Moore for the 2015 annual of the Art Directors Club Netherlands, the current The Cover That Judges You prototype holds a portfolio of its creators' work. “I often worry about my skepticism and judgement getting in my way of amazement and judgement should never hinder relentless enthusiasm of seeing things for the first time,” says Moore designer Thijs Biersteker. The book’s front cover features a facial recognition-enabled camera which detects a “neutral” face, sending an signal that tells the Arduino inside to unlock the book. But don't try to fake your enthusiasm—if the book detects overexcitedness, it'll stay sealed.

H/t The Guardian


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