These Vagina Watercolors Ooze Energy and Freedom

These washed-out paintings and floral installations perfectly depict the female body at an intimate level.

Watercolor paintings using strains of fiery red tones marry a celebration of the human body with feminist freedom. Returning from her 2015 show which used a galactic aesthetic to depict humanity’s outward and internal cyclical behaviors, painter Jenny Edbrooke delivers a haunting series of sensual watercolors and resin paintings of tiny blossoms. Edbrooke is fearless in depicting the human body in the series, Solstice Blooms, creating vibrant and whimsical visuals, rather than explicit imagery, to depict the female genitalia.

The visual artist has long focused on translating ideas of metaphysics and feminist values into her art. She spoke with The Creators Project about her work: “Some of my earlier work was quite confrontational and overtly feminist and activist but [it] has now calmed to what feels like a healthier approach to addressing the gender imbalances of society.”

“I want my audiences to feel empowered and informed by my work.” Edbrooke says, explaining a viewer’s emotional connectivity to her art. “I want them to know they are allowed to celebrate their bodies instead of being apologetic for them. I want to connect with female and male energies in both genders irrespective of their genitalia in order to create harmony.”

Edbrooke’s artwork exhibits a progression from exploring the unknowable frontier of space to her recent works’ more supple and natural bent, all the while filtering her art through a feminist persepctive. What remains recognizable is the pattern of the circle, a shape expressive of constantly moving cycles, transformation, and the female body.

View a collection of Edbrooke’s works from her Solstice Blooms series, her previous exhibit Floratopia, and a few recent works below:

Solstice Blooms, full, gallery view

Solstice Blooms

Solstice Blooms

Flora Supernova, 2015, Floratopia

Euflora, 2015, Floratopia

The Maiden

The Mother

Solstice Blooms  showed at The Gallery at Rye Creative Centre until July 2, 2016. Find more works by Jenny Edbrooke, including Solstice Blooms and other past exhibits, on her website, here.


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