These Coffee Tables Contain Futuristic Neon Cityscapes Made From Recycled Electronics

<p>Artist Benjamin Yates uses electrical waste to create his Electri-City tables which can play music and even check email.</p>

A miniature city contained inside a coffee table may sound like it comes from an episode of “Futurama,” but they actually exist. Benjamin Yates creates futuristic looking cityscapes—think Blade Runner’s Los Angeles crossed with 60s retro-futurism—made from old electronic parts, like old circuit boards, and lights them up so they look all pretty and colorful. He houses them inside perspex coffee tables, and they contain miniature people, old VCRs, and digital picture frames.

He calls them Electri-Cities and he’ll even produce them so they can play music and, incredibly, check your email. That’s right, a musical, dystopian coffee table that can check emails—that’s the sort of furniture anybody can get excited about.

Talking about them he says, “These pieces conjure an image of a future society built from what we throw away. Utopian or dystopian, the Electri-Cities are as entrancing as they are intricate and will draw people back again and again.” They certainly beat your standard IKEA fare.

Images: Benjamin Yates

[via DVICE]