These Are The 3D-Printed Houses China Built In A Day

Photos of the ten homes created by one 3D printer, in under 24 hours.

A Chinese company made waves at the beginning of April when it announced it had 3D-printed ten houses in just under 24 hours. In the same amount of time it takes the average human to walk 20 miles, for the Earth to rotate once on its axis, or for Jack Bauer to save the world, the Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. built ten full homes out of recycled construction and industrial waste. 

Naturally, there were skeptics of this momentous achievement. Yet it seems that WinSun is proving the haters wrong, as the company released extensive photos of the 3D printing process today. The frame, walls, and other parts are all constructed in 3D printer fashion, then assembled on site. The WinSun Co. is in talks to begin construction of an entire villa of these 3D-printed homes, according to CEO Ma Yihe.

The printer itself measures a whopping 32-meters long, 10-meters wide, and 6.6-meters high, and you can see its gargantuan creations in the photoset below. It's amazing that the same technology can be simultaneously revolutionizing artforms like stop-motion animation, sciences like geology, and the very infrastructure of the most populous nation on the planet. How is it that we don't have flying cars and robot maids yet?