These Architectural Illusion Photos Might Give You Vertigo

Wrap your brain around these architectural illusions from fine art photographer and psychologist Markus Studtmann.

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Fine artist Markus Studtmann captures mind-bending images that make use of both of his particular fields of expertise: photography and psychology. His architectural illusion photography captures real moments, then extrapolates them into warped interpretations akin to German Expressionist stage designs or M.C. Escher paintings.

Studtmann says his photographic process involves "composing and reassembling images in order to reduce them to their essential geometry and amplifying their perceived mood," using the magic of the "digital darkroom." In the cases of these mind-bending architectural photos, the perceived mood he amplifies is one of disorientation, confusion, and acceptance of the beautiful unknown. A good number of his photos channel Hitchcock's Vertigo, and are visually potent enough to throw anyone with a fear of heights (me) into a mild case of the cold sweats.

Try not to lose your cool as you dive into these selections from Studtmann's surreal image manipulations:

Visit Studtmann's website for more information about his photography, and his 500px page for the latest examples of his work.

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