The Winner of Our Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway

<p>Is <span class="caps">NOT</span> this duct tape baby seat. But maybe it should have been?</p>

Don’t worry, it’s not the duct tape baby seat above. We have more class than that.

Yesterday we previewed some of the forthcoming DIY geekery at Maker Faire NYC and offered up two free tickets to the person who submitted the most interesting DIY creation. We got a bunch of innovative submissions — from laser pointers to wi-fi detecting t-shirts (and, apparently, baby accessories). Congratulations to our winner, Jack Vidovich, for submitting the Bicycle Obelisk!

Check out the winning entry and two runner ups below:

WINNER: Bicycle Obelisk aka Cyclisk

RUNNER UP: LEGO Rubik Cube Solving Robot

RUNNER UP: Recycled Banner Golden Mean Messenger Bags

Congrats to our winner and runners up for being DIY connoisseurs. Thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite creations!