The Ultrabook Experience Launches With Cool Initiatives Geared At Emerging Artists And Filmmakers

<p>As part of Intel&#8217;s creative collaborations surrounding the Ultrabook Experience, they team up with Roman Coppola and Vik Muniz to help young filmmakers and artists.</p>

Over the past few decades, our lives have evolved with the computer, and we’ve reached a point at which our potential is limitless, enabled by that little rectangular device that brings your ideas to life. Redefining the computer means redefining our ability to create, and when it’s done with our on-the-go lifestyle in mind, the result is a piece of gear that can help you realize a great deal more than you ever imagined. That’s the thought behind the new line of Intel-inspired Ultrabooks.

To demonstrate the power and capability of these sleek laptops, Intel is launching a series of creative partnerships which combine to form the Ultrabook Experience. These ventures span all sorts of creative disciplines, for example their collaboration with Levi’s, for which they’ll have Brazilian artist Vik Muniz host a series of workshops and events in Rio de Janeiro, through which he and his cohorts in art can pass elements of their expertise on to aspiring artists. Another aspect of the Ultrabook Experience that we’re especially excited about is the partnership between Intel, W Hotels, and filmmaker Roman Coppola, entitled Four Stories.

Aspiring filmmakers from all over the world will submit their original scripts, competing to secure one of three spots alongside Coppola to create a short film. Coppola’s film and the three winners will comprise the narratives of Four Stories. But of course, like any great film competition, the stories have to fit a couple of requirements. To challenge the creative muscle of the competing filmmakers, the films have to incorporate an Ultrabook as a central element in the script, and it has to be set in a W Hotel. Within that context, entrants can let their imaginations run wild. Coppola and the three winners will travel to shoot each film in select W Hotels around the world. The final Four Stories, including Coppola's own, will premiere at red carpet events at W Hotels where each film takes place. Before you know it, you could be screening your film along side the man who created videos for the likes of Daft Punk, Air, and Sebastien Tellier.

For details on how to enter, visit the Ultrabook Experience site.