The Theramin Fork Makes Sounds As You Eat, But Why?

<p>The EaTheramin turns eating into a whole new experience, even thought it doesn&#8217;t need to be.</p>

To get an idea of how many ridiculous and useless, yet charming products Japan churns out, you can refer to any of the countless online lists of “Crazy Japanese Inventions.” As ridiculous as they are, a lot of things actually have a purpose. The toothpick hand allows you to be discrete and classy, the Boyfriend Pillow is actually quite comforting, and your kids are definitely more charming when they’re smiling. However, we’ve been researching all morning, and it looks like there is not a single functional use out there for the EaTheramin.

Every time you take a bite, you complete the circuit and trigger a sound, whether it’s a little sneezy-sounding thing or the more typical Theramin tone. Pointless. But before we throw Japanese R&D under the bus, let’s consider that America has come out with our own silly inventions. Just look at the Slap Chop… OK, I’d still rather have the Slap Chop.

[via: Lost at E Minor]