The Splendor Of Physics Realized In Surreal GIF Form

This is what the world would look like if graphic designer Hugo Germain made up the rules.

Physics is the sum of human knowledge about natural law, the rules that govern the universe we live in. It sounds pretty important, but most people don't view the world through the lens of these rules, and fewer people have physics on the brain 24/7. Lucky for us, physicist and graphic designer Hugo Germain does.

Germain makes GIFs that depict a crazy world where anything is possible and the surreal can become real—yet it still seems governed by natural laws, just tweaked a little bit. Germain explains that he wants "to provide inspiration and make people question basic things we take for granted." 

You can check out Germain's trippy Tumblr here. If you see a disembodied cloud of geometric shapes coming at you, you may have accidently passed into the world of Germain's mind.

H/T Beautiful Decay

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