The Smallest PacMan Game In The World

<p>Eye-straining video gaming.</p>

Don’t you hate those video games that are too easy, games where there’s no sense of contest or challenge? Here’s a video game that’ll get you fuming with frustration before you’ve even started playing it—one that’s invisible to the naked eye. Kotoro Tanaka from Japan (whose blog is unfortunately in Japanese) designed a very tiny version of the classic game Pac-Man as part of an exhibition held in Tokyo commemorating the game’s 30th anniversary. It uses the original Pac-Man game and a projector to play the game through the lens of a microscope, reflecting it through a mirror to produce a 1cm square image at a resolution of 1439 pixels per inch. Think that’s strange? Nature seems to have trumped Tanaka with a 3.5 micron sized Pac-Man, which was recently discovered by scientists in a copper oxide cluster.