"The Scent Of Light" Explores The Synesthetic Potential Of Ethereal Light Installations

<p>Super Nature Design&#8217;s collection of works come together to create a multisensory experience.</p>

Shanghai design firm Super Nature Design has explored various ways to stimulate audiences visually with colorful, interactive works based on historical breakthroughs in math and science, like Lost In Pascal’s Triangle, and Prisma 1666, which was based on Newton’s experiments with the light prism. The team is bringing together several of their works for their current exhibition, “The Scent Of Light.”

You may find yourself asking, does light even have a scent? If it does, Super Nature Design is convinced that it can induce a variety of emotions through the experience of picking it up. Whether or not they stimulate the olfactory senses, the works certainly do live up to the team’s previous efforts by being visually ethereal and beautiful. See images of the works below.

[via: designboom]