The Phoenix Project Is Sci-Fi Architecture For Futurists

Eco-friendly Trekkies should prepare to drool.

Image Courtesy of Filip Kurzewski

Architect Filip Kurzewski has blown our minds in the past with his hyper-futuristic designs, such as his project Three Ships. That concept imagined artificially intelligent boat vessels in a manner that felt part Carnival Cruise, part Star Trek.

His most recent creation, The Phoenix Project, takes his science fiction-tinted sensibilities and incorporates them into sustainable urban design. Eco-friendly Trekies should prepare to drool. 

The Phoenix Project is a proposal for a "living structure rising from the ashes of a dead city," like the mythical Phoenix, according to Kurzewski's website. The extremely experimental building pitch represents a human-nature symbiosis that includes a structure surrounded by agricultural fields that adapt with time, making the building look as if it's a living, changing object.

He describes it as a "symbol for rebirth and a new quality of life" that would include recycled water systems, greenhouses, and two local lakes nearby the structure. There would even be crops located outside the Phoenix near a hydrobotanic sewage treatment plant. 

The design looks like a spiraling dragon or fusion office space-roller coaster, but the architect claims it looks like the movement of Phoenix wings from an aerial view. Either way, we're undoubtedly impressed. 

See more of Filip Kurzewski's work at his website, here.