The Opening To Star Wars Recreated In Minecraft

Two geek worlds collide as the most iconic movie opening ever gets Minecrafted.

Star Wars has to have one of the most iconic openings in the history of the entire universe. The scrolling yellow-worded crawl that's too quick for human eyes and then the slow approach of the Star Destroyer coming in to view. Then we jump into the Rebel's ship and are introduced to the droids, before we get that scene where Vader busts through a smoking door and gives it some labored breathing while looking around dismissvely at the dead Rebels lying at his feet.

And as one of the most famous opening scenes ever, it also means it's one of the most parodied. If it's not being spoofed by Bugs Bunny or Mel Brooks then it's being replicated in Minecraft, as YouTuber Paradise Decay has done rendering the entire opening in the blocky graphics of the mega-popular game. 

It follows on from an entire series he's creating dedicated to Lucas' (or Disney's, whatever!) universe, which has included the Battle for Hoth and even a Death Star rollercoaster

[via Kotaku]