The Noir Heroine's Plight: Behind The Scenes of Drunken Tiger's "Get It In"

<p>Fusing the the stylistic feel of old Hong Kong kung fu movies with 3D graphic design and advanced projection mapping, Lumpens creates an interactive setting for Drunken Tiger&#8217;s new video &#8220;Get It In.&#8221;</p>

Ever since Korean hip-hop superstars Tiger JK and Tasha Reid aka Drunken Tiger saw the music video for EE‘s “Curiosity Kills,” they’ve wanted to work with the man behind the visuals: digital media artist Lumpens. They finally pinned him down to conceptualize and direct the music video for “Get It In,” which premiered just last week. We went behind the scenes and watched Tasha in “action school,” where she learned a few kung fu moves, how to convincingly wield a sword and, most importantly, how to look cool while flying through the air suspended by wires (Tiger JK’s favorite part).

We also sat down with Lumpens as he mapped out his storyboard and concept for the video. Inspired by Hong Kong kung fu films as a child, directing this type of “action noir music video” has been something he’s wanted to do ever since he was a kid. Controlling the graphics (and narratives) for the three different panels on set, Lumpens not only made a live action film, but got to incorporate his art and projections to create the setting and backdrops for the live action shots, transforming the environment with just a simple switch of scenery to highlight emotional moments like the murder scene between Tasha and Tiger JK, which he says “is also a moment of embrace inbetween man and wife.”

The video and hit single have been sweeping the charts in South Korea and abroad, climbing to the top of some of the most notable music lists, and this exclusive documentary video tracks the process of this unique collaboration. If you missed the music video, watch it below (or the English version here).