The Night Sky Captured With A Fish Eye Lens Turns Into A Stunning Starry Globe

<p>Stephane Vetter captures the visible night sky in 360 degrees.</p>

Leonid and Zodiacal Light from Stephane Vetter on Vimeo.

While time-lapse footage may be ubiquitous on the internet, you can’t deny that it produces some stunning images—no matter how many cities and natural vistas you see unfolding in fast motion before your eyes. In Leonid and Zodiacal Light photographer Stephane Vetter trains her Nikon D3 and a fish eye Sigma 8mm on the night sky to capture it in 360 degrees, spinning above the earth like a cosmic globe on the night of 17th November.

The mass of stars turns from dots in the night sky into streams of light and back again. There’s also a meteor shower and the ISS is pointed out for your convenience, as are other constellations, so you can observe the beauty of the night sky from the comfort of your computer screen. It’s short, but it presents the perfect opportunity to zone out and have yourself a Carl Sagan moment.

[via Vimeo]