The Higgs Boson Mural At CERN By Josef Kristofoletti

<p>A stop-motion video documenting the creation of this artwork at <span class="caps">CERN</span>.</p>

If you’re a conscious, sentient being then you’re probably aware that yesterday some scientists working in a giant underground tunnel announced quite a significant discovery. The discovery was the very probable existence of the Higgs boson particle, a little part of the jigsaw that encompasses our understanding of the universe, how matter and mass exist, whether the big bang actually happened. This means we can all put down our tools and go off dancing merrily into the cosmic ether, holding hands with aliens because we found the meaning of life. Or something like that. We’re not a science blog so we wouldn’t know.

What we do know is that this is a pretty cool stop-motion video of a three-story tall mural painted on the side of the ATLAS control room situated above the detector at CERN, by artist Josef Kristofoletti. It was commissioned by one of the experiments looking for the Higgs boson, the ATLAS Experiment. And if you’re wondering what the explosion of color and form is, shame on you. It’s Kristofoletti’s interpretation of what the once-elusive particle might look like.

ATTN CERN: Can we get a verification on whether or not Kristofoletti was on the money?