The Gregory Brothers Pit Obama And Romney Against Each In An Autotuned 8-bit Anthem

<p>Politics are a lot like old video games&#8230; OK, they&#8217;re not, but in the context of this video, that statement is totally true.</p>

It’s doubtful that as children, the Gregory Brothers imagined taking news clips and melodi-fying the spoken words as their calling. It’s even more doubtful that they thought it would earn them a chart hit, but that’s exactly what the “Bed Intruder” song turned into. Moral of this story? Dare to dream, little ones.

This time, the Gregory Brothers took a break from local news and celebrity ridiculousness to create this video for The New York Times. The video won points with us early on for its 8-bit gaming aesthetic—Obama and Romney fight to earn flags, hearts, and dollars to win over the American people. Appealing to voters’ every basic emotion, the candidates parrot each other, hitting the same topics and even tagging their wives in for a round to tell us all how they too roughed it once upon a time, just like you. But no matter how many broken down cars and canned tuna fish dinners these guys can shed light on, their lives are galaxies away from the actual hardships of Americans right now, so let’s see which one can sell it the hardest. Watch out for a little surprise curveball from Romney right at the end.