Is This The Door Of The Future?

You've never made an entrance quite like this...

Basic door technology has remained relatively the same for centuries—barring honorable mentions for stained glass doors, beaded curtain doors, and those door plungers that prevent slamming—but Austrian designer Klemens Torggler may be the missing link for the evolution of the entrance.

Torggler has designed a door that, according to his website, "opens up new applications for the door." It uses rotating squares to move the door sideways without tracks, completely eliminating the two to four square feet generally occupied by the swinging path of a conventional door. And it looks fabulous to boot:

For those whose first instinct when seeing the door is to scream, "finger trap!" and condemn the door for the sake of their digits, Torggler has provided an example of it's soft, protective edges:

Torggler has been working on this door concept for over five years. In 2008, he published this helpful trailer showcasing some earlier models of the Klemens Torggler door set to—you guessed it—classic ragtime tunes:

For more info you can visit Torggler's site here.