The Descriptive Camera Replaces Photos With Words

<p>Images are so 2011. It&#8217;s all about text photography in 2012.</p>

If there’s one thing we're not short on these days it’s all the choices of how to take a picture—DSLR, polaroid, your phone, or a filter on your phone that looks like a polaroid. What all these choices have in common is that they allow you to capture a moment with ease. You press a button and presto! Magic happens and you’re left with a pictorial record of your life.

Enter the Descriptive Camera from Matt Richardson, which instead of taking a picture describes the scene verbally instead. How’s it work? After you press the shutter the photo is sent to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk—a place where tasks can be submitted for internet workers to complete for a small fee—to give the photographs descriptions which are then printed out a few minutes later using a thermal printer located in the camera.

Rather than just being an absurd joke, Richardson says the camera explores the idea of adding descriptive metadata to photographs as they’re taken, which could compliment the metadata we already have like date, time, and location, making it easier to search through them at a later date.

Find out more about it here.

[via The New Aesthetic]