The Cubie Concept Car Makes Shared Transportation More Tolerable

<p>In this car you get a cabin space designed to hold meetings, do some work, or mellow out and just lounge.</p>

It used to be that envisioning the transportation of tomorrow was easy. We were going to have flying cars because that’s what the movies told us—the movies never lie. But tomorrow came and there were no flying cars, and we all sighed in disappointment and made do with computers we can fit in the palms of our hands instead.

But just because flying cars haven’t materialized for the mass consumer doesn’t mean people aren’t still conceptualizing crazy transportation devices to get you to work and beyond. So far we’ve had the Futurama-style tubes, which look a bit dangerous but also like great fun, and Volkswagen’s bubble hover car thing, to name but two.

Add to that ever growing list the Cubie concept car by Haitao Qi, in which Qi imagines a future where the notion of shared transportation doesn’t fill us with the same horror the subway does.

The Cubie has a cabin space behind the driver’s seat with enough room for you to do some work on the way to the office, or pretend to do some work, or maybe just pace up and down because you’re stressed about not doing any work. Whatever you want to do in that space, it’s there, envisioning a world where the journey isn’t a maddening dash but rather a leisurely sojourn where you can check email, write, make some phone calls, hold important meetings, play with the kids, or just chill the hell out in a nice space. Is that too much to ask?

[via Yanko Design]