The Creators Project Spotlight: Week 7-8

<p>Highlighting the most innovative and inspiring creations submitted by our readers.</p>

The Creators Project is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the digital age. To our mind, one of the best things about technology is that with a little inspiration, it empowers anyone to create by making the tools of production and distribution more accessible. So, each week we put out a call for your creative submissions—your experimental films, software art, animations, music mash-ups—then highlight the best of the best right here on The Creators Project Spotlight. Check out the works below and let us know what you think.

Since we were got caught up in the best kind of way in South Korea for our Seoul Event last week, today we’re bringing you our top 5 submissions from the past two weeks. Enjoy…

Dan-ah Kim
Brooklyn-based multi-media artist, Dan-ah Kim, creates illustrations that are first painted and then enhanced with layers of paper and fabric…a technique that, according to her, enriches the story. Because of her television and film background, she’s also experimenting with how her work translates to film, as seen in the music video below (that she also co-directed): “Me & Mary” by Asobi Seksu. Her work resonates with us because her illustration style reminds us of a feminine twist on a fusion of Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey. Plus she makes paint look like fiber-optics….how cool is that?!

Red Light PropertiesDan Goldman
You know when you’re reading a comic and end up reading the wrong bubble because you’re confused with the order? High-tech graphic artist, Dan Goldman, has fixed this problem by creating digital graphic novels and a mechanism that reveals the next frame of the story with every click of the mouse. He uses video and photography in order to enhance his characters’ emotions to make them more life-like, as well as build his virtual “set.” His latest project revolves around a couple in Miami who run an exorcism firm…a perfect pre-Halloween read (errr…click?). See the video below for more on Dan’s process.

Laser CaveEmmett Feldman aka Suryummy
In this audio-visual installation made for an exhibition at the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts, Emmett Feldman creates a fantastical city of light projected upon stark, white geometric shapes. This is no cave art, but we’d certainly like to hibernate (throw a party) in one of these “caves” with the help of creators: 1024architecture.

World Basketball Festival PromoJohn Black / CypherAudio
This short 30-second video for Nike (that was plastered all over Times Square) was directed by Buck with sound design and music by John Black of CypherAudio. When we think of basketball, college, cheerleaders, and outdated pop songs come to mind…but if the NBA decided to incorporate soundtracks like these at the games, timed perfectly with the dribbles and grunts, they might find themselves a few more fans! Plus we love the creative minds behind CypherAudio. If you missed it, check out one of our all time favorite videos here.

Minus Embed #3David Terranova
In true creator fashion, DJ Richie Hawtin’s Minus label has set up the Minus-Embedded initiative inviting creative individuals out on a weekend excursion with Hawtin in order to experience and respond the trip in the medium of their choice. This video, shot by David Terranova, was filmed over a crazy, sleepless, three-day New Year’s binge between Italy, Spain, and Germany. We like the way the video gets all quiet, and eerie once the music starts at the first club. The colors change and it’s like all the sudden the drugs kicked in and everything’s just a little bit different (not that we would know, of course). We also like the “stepped back” presentation of the documentary. It’s very well-orchestrated — like what William Miller from Almost Famous would have produced if he would have had a video camera….and got to ride on a plane. Find out what went wrong on the trip by reading here.

Want to see your work up here? Submit your creations to create@thecreatorsproject.com and check back next Friday to see if you've made the cut.