The Creators Project Presents: A Drunken Tiger and Lumpens Collaboration

<p>As our main Studio commission for our Seoul event this year, we bring together the best in Korean hip-hop and digital media design.</p>

What do you get when you have Lumpens, one of Korea's most eccentric digital media designers, direct one of Korea's most critically acclaimed hip-hop groups' new music video? A guaranteed audiovisual mash-up overflowing with projected impossibilities and a healthy dose of “feel gHood muzik.” As our main Studio piece for this year's Seoul event, we've commissioned an inimitable union, a collision of two aesthetic worlds apart: Drunken Tiger and Lumpens.

Creating a transforming virtual world of supernatural powers, villains, and vengeance, Lumpens, along with GDW Productions, planned for an unprecedented production where technology takes the hip-hop imagination to a new level of swagger. Without spilling all the secrets, we’ll tell you this much: a sword-slinging heroine (Tasha) faces off with a heinous supervillian (Tiger JK), enclosed in a “Kill Bill in da hood” sort of setting. Just think, Bruce Lee meets the emcee.

Be sure to check back for this exclusive music video debut. And more importantly, join us at our Seoul event later this week where you can experience Drunken Tiger and Lumpens' live collaborative performance this Friday night at our main music event. For information and RSVP here.

Exclusive storyboard sketches from director Lumpens