The Creators Project Guide To Coachella

<p>Your go-to source for the installations, artworks, and performances that will be redefining the festival experience this year.</p>

Amidst the billowing white tents in the as-of-yet relatively deserted Coachella Valley, steel skeletons spring forth from the grounds against a backdrop of hazy blue-gray mountains and palm trees. Tomorrow, the festival grounds will be overrun by enthusiastic concertgoers rushing about from stage to stage in the frantic pursuit of catching this year's "must see" acts. But for now, roughneck-looking stage hands and engineering crews put the finishing touches on the stages, tents and installations that will be making people’s jaws drop all weekend long.

As creative partners at Coachella this year, we're right in the thick of things. We've been prepping you for months with hints and teasers about what we have in store for the festival this year and how we aim to re-imagine the festival experience through state-of-the-art technology and artwork. Now that it’s almost time for the big reveal, here’s a comprehensive guide to The Creators Project at Coachella.

Our artworks and installations, the first round of works from The Studio, will be integrated into the overall festival experience, taking shape as installations on the grounds and as the performance venues for Coachella’s biggest bands and DJs.

Coachella Stage Design
by United Visual Artists
Returning Creators United Visual Artists are a multi-disciplinary collective out of the UK who specialize in manipulating the medium of light. For their redesign of Coachella's main stage, UVA created a unique structure that functions as both a platform for performance and a standalone light and sound sculpture with experimental music furnished by fellow Creator Mira Calix.

(A physical manifestation of "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space")

by Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman, with design by Undisclosable
Acclaimed film director Jonathan Glazer is working with the beloved UK band Spiritualized to create a cutting-edge installation of light and sound. The installation is based on Spiritualized's most famous track, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space," and is housed in a cathedral-like structure designed by Undisclosable.

Sahara Tent Installation
by Muti Randolph
Returning Creator Muti Randolph's prolific career has seen the artist designing everything from theater sets to the famed São Paulo nightclub D-Edge. Since Randolph is no stranger to creating environments that seamlessly integrate light and sound, and more important, knows how to strike a party vibe, we knew he'd be the perfect person to re-imagine the Sahara Tent at Coachella.

We also paired some of our favorite musicians and visual artists for some mind-bending visual experiences that will lend new immediacy and emotional resonance to the live sets of select headlining bands.

Under Surveillance: Interpol
Friday, April 15th 7:25 pm – 8:15 pm
Interpol, in collaboration with legendary director David Lynch, Andi Watson, HPX, Weiden + Kennedy and The Creators Project present a visual juxtaposition of the seen and the unseen. As the observer becomes the observed, the performance explores the deepening layers of covert surveillance, morphing data acquisition into visual beauty and questioning the fine line between the viewer and the voyeur.

Jumbletron: Video by Black Dice for Animal Collective
Saturday, April 16th 9:45 pm – 10:55 pm
To celebrate Animal Collective's return to the stage and commemorate one of their largest shows to date, Black Dice will create a 70-minute video experience to accompany their live set.

Summer Into Dust: Arcade Fire + Chris Milk
Saturday, April 16th – 11:20 pm
Arcade Fire will once again collaborate with legendary director Chris Milk (who they previously partnered with on "The Wilderness Downtown") to visually portray the collective emotional experience of the band's performance.

This year at Coachella we’ll be introducing audiences to bold new creative voices from around the world, featuring three of our Creators bands from China, Brazil and South Korea.

New Pants
Friday, April 15th Gobi Tent: 1:00 pm – 1:40 pm
Chinese pop group New Pants is a pioneering Beijing-based band that is at the forefront of what critics are labeling China's "postwave" movement. Their sound is a distinctive mix of new wave, disco, electro accompanied by a legendary, over-the-top stage presence.

Friday, April 15th Oasis Dome: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Emicida is a 24-year-old rapper from São Paulo who came up through the graffiti and battle rapping scene in Brazil. Emicida earned his name—a fusion of the words "MC" and "murderer"– by winning many rap battles during his youth.

Saturday, April 16th Gobi Tent: 11:50 am – 12:35 pm
EE is a "total art performance group" that has a special and very effective knack for juxtaposing mainstream culture with the obscure. Mashing up elements of their own culture with artistic reference points from around the globe, the result is something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Stop by The Creators Project tent at Coachella to cool off in the shade and bask in the glow of our interactive art installations.

Long March: Restart
by Feng Mengbo
Chinese game artist Feng Mengbo makes video games that are heavily influenced by the heroes he imagined as a child growing up in the midst of revolution. His large-scale video installation has festival goers embodying a Red Army soldier, dodging enemies and Coke-bottle bombs within a subversive digital mash-up incorporating footage from classic games like Street Fighter II and Super Mario Bros. interspersed with motifs from Communist China.

NIDHOGG and Jetpack Basketball
by Mark Essen
Mark Essen creates deceptively simple 8-bit masterpieces. Inside the Creators Project Tent, festival goers will be able to try their hand at some of his recent video game work including Jetpack Basketball, which releases explosions of color when points are scored, and NIDHOGG, where you'll fight flying 2D monsters before hitting the ground and engaging in an old-fashioned sword fight.

by Hojun Song + Lumpens
A collaborative work from two of South Korea's most innovative visual artists, Lumpens and Hojun Song, Punch is an unusual arcade game that reacts to users' physical impact, triggering a unique visual experience. Each hit yields a different display and different scores, providing a fantastic release of mid-festival tension.

Nao Robots
by Nao H-25 Academic Edition Robot
Intel and Aldebaran Robotics have collaborated to create Nao—a tiny, flexible robot with a heart powered by Intel atom. Its compact size, at about 21 inches and nine pounds, makes the Nao extremely mobile. We’ve seen a group of Nao’s dance the Flamenco, but at Coachella they’ll be getting down to a very different tune, dancing to music by our very own Creator, EE.

3D Art Exhibit
by Miles Regis and Brian Quandt
Listed as one of the top 5 uses of 3D at CES, the 3D Art Exhibit is a collaboration using original works from renowned artist Miles Regis and technological visionary, Brian Quandt. As users construct their 3D masterpiece, each contribution is displayed as a layer in varying depths of 3D—with the beginning of the painting furthest from the viewer, and each additional layer on planes closer to the viewer. The interactive art experience lets users experience the chronological and emotional progression of the artwork as it is being made.

If you’re at the festival, you can download our Creators Project mobile app to watch videos and receive notifications of Creators Project happenings around Coachella. You can also check out set times and customize your schedule using the Coachooser. For those of you who’ll be following along from home, you can tune into the Coachella YouTube stream to catch the performances of your favorite bands and DJs.

Welcome to the desert!