The Creators Project Festive Gift Guide 2012

<p>Buying gifts can be a bit of a chore, so here&#8217;s some ideas that might help.</p>

Not that you need reminding, but it’s Christmas in 12 days and if you haven’t got any presents yet then you need to buck your ideas up or you’re going to have a lot of disappointed friends and family. So for all those last minute slackers who have yet to purchase their gifts, take a look over the list below and see if it can help ease your burden.

While in a ideal world giving people the gift of your company would be enough, in the real world people want actual, physical things. Not something intangible and free like companionship and a should to cry on. Yeah, sucks, huh? Choose from glitch pillows to wireless speakers and ensure that they’ll be no tears come Christmas morning.

The Present – Seasonal Clock $299

If you know someone who is a terrible timekeeper and turns up to meet you a whole season too late, then this might be the product for them. Instead of telling the time in minutes and hours this clock tells the time in seasons, taking a whole year to make a rotation. The seasons are represented using gradients of color which mark equinoxes and solstices throughout the year.

Will.i.am's i.am+ foto.sosho iPhone Case $320

Hey big spender, you can add an unnecessary but fun upgrade to a loved one’s iPhone while also augmenting the camera, with Will.i.am’s luxury case that has interchangeable lenses (fisheye, standard, and wide macro), built-in flash, and even comes with a slide out keyboard if you buy the dearest option. It comes in different designs like vintage style—above is the white and gold bling-bling option.

Lowdi Bluetooth Speaker $130

It’s as long as a pencil (as the image above handily illustrates) and means you don’t need to use pesky wires to connect your device (be it smartphone or tablet) to the three-watt speakers, and also has an eight-hour battery life. It comes with carry case, USB cable for charging, and audio cable for those times when you’re unable to use Bluetooth.

Chaval Response-XRT Gloves $389

If you know someone who’s always off climbing mountains (there’s always one) then these rechargeable gloves that heat up your hands should do them nicely. They’re not cheap, but then they do have nanotechnology that adjusts the heat accordingly to ensure the wearer’s hands are kept nice and warm.

Dezeen Watch Store

Stylish watches from different designers and brands in a range of prices, so you can spend as much or as little as you want. In an age when the time comes as standard on smartphones and laptops you might think there’s no need for a watch. But it’s not about telling the time, it’s about looking super fly.

Glitch Throw Pillows $20

You may not think glitch art and pillows go together, but they do, as this selection of designs by Benjamin Berg proves. They’re gorgeous looking and would totally look awesome in any home, even if it’s covered in shabby chic.

Laser Cut Street Maps $150

Get a street map of a city—be it New York, London, Stockholm, Toyko—cut and framed to hang on a wall. In the video above you can see a map of the city of Atlanta being cut before your eyes.