The Creators Project Event Virtual Tour: UVA

<p>Interactive monoliths and a magic mirror.</p>

United Visual Artists (UVA) is a British-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance and responsive installation. They have also created tour visuals for Massive Attack, U2, UNKLE, and The Chemical Brothers.

For our NY launch event they installed two interactive exhibits. The first, entitled, Triptych, was composed of 3 monoliths that reacted to participants movements with sound and light. The second, Hereafter, is a video installation that uses a high-speed camera to create a perpetual history of a space, mixing together previously recorded interactions, objects, and people. In other words, you could stand in front of it, say something, wait a minute, and your reflection would appear to repeat what you just said back at you.

Click through the slideshow to see what we mean.

-Images by Brayden Olson and Bryan Derwalla