The Brutality Of Nature Brought To Life By Puppets In Keaton Henson's New Video

<p>Let&#8217;s face it&#8212;the woods can be scary as hell.</p>

Keaton Henson‘s music is truthful and painfully honest—so, therapeutic if you enjoy reflection, and a total bummer if you enjoy pop music. To go along with the somber tone of his new song “Small Hands,” director Joseph Mann created a video that appears to be stop motion, but is actually casted with animal puppets who all meet a dark fate. We’re not talking cartoonish deaths either.

While Henson’s singing voice creaks sobbingly over his guitar, we’re looking at rabbit cubs getting mangled, frogs getting snaked by surprise and a shotgun that might as well be pointing at your own childlike sense of security, ’cause these stuffed animals are getting popped one by one.

Henson and Mann, through great songwriting and adept puppetry, remind us that puppets aren’t always for kids, and that nature is brutal. Either that or there is a lesson about the food chain that we are totally missing.