The Algorithmic Fashion Designer: Meet Hyejin Hong Of Studio K

<p>Moving beyond the needle and thread, Korean fashion designer Hyejin Hong looks to geometry, computer science, and mathematics to build her classic collections.</p>

The sartorial practice continues to become evermore intertwined with the advancements of technology and new media. As the years and months progress, we have witnessed handfuls of incredible technological innovations in the realm of fashion including everything from interactive runways and projection-mapped evening gowns, to AR t-shirts and BioCulture bomber jackets.

Yet amongst these many, and growing, haute-tech ensembles, it's not as likely (yet!) to come across something as smart, practical, and ready-to-wear as the collections of Korean fashion designer Hyejin Hong. Through her label, Studio K, the avant-garde designer uses mathematical algorithms to inspire, imagine, and realize her collections—specifically S/S 2012, which you can watch come to life in our behind-the-scenes video above.

Although her overall looks remain characteristically classic and minimalistic (some call her the Marni of Korea), her clothing neatly conceals all the experimentation and complex processes behind the designs. As her work comprises more than can be seen by the naked eye, the name of her label takes into consideration the minute details involved in jewelery design, borrowing the "k" from "karat" in Studio K.

Hong turns organic shapes into wearable, geometric, 3D forms, while applying Seoul's perpetuation with tech and a nod to global trends. Entirely fascinated with the excitement of invention and discovery, it’s no wonder she dreamt of becoming a scientist as a young girl.

Check out a few of our favorite looks from S/S 2012 below.