thatgamecompany's Journey Is A Mystical Desert World

<p>Check out the review of <i>Journey</i> on our sister site, <span class="caps">VICE</span>.com.</p>

thatgamecompany has been known to put out some pretty unconventional games, starting with Flow, a Flash game that was part of company founder Jenova Chen‘s masters thesis, later becoming a PS3 game. Their newest game Journey, another enigmatic and mononymously titled fantasy world, follows a hooded character through a mystical desert landscape. The entirely wordless gameplay relies on cutscenes and imagery to convey the story. You can play live with a second player, but no identities are revealed until completion of the game, adding a real life element to the game’s mystery.

Journey came out in March to critical acclaim and commercial success, and our sister site VICE.com recently got their hands on the game and gave it a thorough try and a subsequent review. Read the full article here.

Below, see some stills from the game.