T(ether) Glove Lets You Reach Inside Your iPad

<p>Manipulate virtual objects using hand gestures.</p>

T(ether) – a Spatially- and Body-Aware Window for Collaborative Editing and Animation of 3D Virtual Objects from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

With a glove that looks like it was pried from the hands of Tom Cruise in Minority Report, T(ether) lets you reach inside your iPad and manipulate the virtual environment using various hand gestures. You can pinch objects, pick them up, put them down, or create them from scratch all by using your hand.

You can also use the glove collaboratively with multiple users working in the same virtual or real environment. It uses Vicon motion capture cameras to track the tablets, along with users’ heads and hands, in real-time. The designers of the glove explain:

Our system creates a shared workspace in which co-located or remote users can collaborate in both the real and virtual worlds. The system allows input through capacitive touch on the display and a motion-tracked glove. When placed behind the display, the user's hand extends into the virtual world, enabling the user to interact with objects directly.

[via PSFK]