Tesla Coil Artwork Activated By Visitor's Movements

<p>Alexandre Burton&#8217;s <i>Impacts</i> harnesses the raw and captivating power of plasma.</p>

If you want to impress the internet, a Tesla coil-playing cat conducting the opening to “The Imperial March” would be a good way to go about it. But while we await that enjoy this Tesla coil installation by artist Alexandre Burton called Impacts.

The piece features Tesla coils hanging from a ceiling behind glass panes, which are brought to life once a visitor goes near them—jolting out, probably scaring the visitor witless as purple streaks of light come crackling to life along with an audio accompaniment, the resonating sound they make as they hit the glass.

“The visitor's proximity to the works engages arcs of electricity of variable intensities as well as a rhythmic articulation, generated by the impact of the electrical arc on the glass pane.” says the artist’s website.

The raw beauty of this arcing plasma is what the artist wanted to convey, the allure and danger that surrounds it—“its sublime beauty and rhythmic potential.” he says.

[via Triangulation Blog]