Television Ads Deconstructed And Manipulated Into Visual Abstractions

<p>Shil Il Kim&#8217;s structural installations turn TV ads into images of soothing abstraction.</p>

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements, slogans, and jingles that seep into our eyes and ears as soon as we watch TV, surf the internet, or merely exist in a connected locale.

Compelled to address the ubiquity of advertising in television, Korean media artist Shin il Kim aims to strip the language and imagery used to sell a product from its original intention and re-imagine them into aesthetic abstractions. We take a peek at a couple of his works below.

A grid in structure, Active Anesthesia-the Full of Square displays a continuous stream of television ads on one side. On the other, the images are distorted and mystified into glowing abstractions of vibrant colors and familiar shapes. Kim combats the signified meanings embedded in advertising and instills the possibility of new interpretation.

Duration to Intuition continues Kim’s reconstruction of advertisements, combining images with letters. Projected images are filtered through a sculpture of molded letters. The results discover a completely new way of seeing these ads as the projection and shadows resemble a kaleidoscopic ocean coral reef.

Active Anesthesia-the Full of Square

Duration to Intuition