Techno Badass Louis Brodinski Exposes The Bromance Beyond The Beats

<p>An interview with Louis Brodinski—savior of all things techno.</p>

Louis Brodinski's been hard at work lately curating the sounds of the future with his Bromance record label—and I can back this up with more than ample evidence. We chatted with him up about life, the futureverse, and everything.

I’m gonna start this interview off strong. Who pulls more ladies, you or Gesaffelstein?
Haha this is a good question…I don’t know, we are pretty much the same on this. Same behavior, I guess. We still love them all.

A year ago, I called that you and Gesaffelstein would be techno’s saviors. What the hell took so long?!
Hahaha again, it’s a good question. Love this term and I actually think it’s true. Techno is in our blood, but Mike [Levy AKA Gesaffelstein] is definitely the one who took techno to another level.

Who did the Rise of Depravity album art, and why the departure from classical sculpture?
It’s Hassan Rahim, a friend of ours from Los Angeles and an amazing graphic designer. Regarding the classical structure, the previous releases brought face-to-face two different artists. For this one, both tracks are by Gesaffelstein. We thought that it was relevant to change the front template of our cover.

And what’s up with the title? Are we finally over the deep end or are you heralding a new aeon?
The Rise of Depravity!

Speaking of New Aeons, you two spent some time with our Overthrow family out at Lil Death. Is Los Angeles the breeding ground for the encroaching technofuture, or is everywhere else just falling behind?
Los Angeles is an amazing city and Lil Death is one of its best parties. Amazing vibes, people all dressed up and ready to party, dance, rave…Trust me, this is only the beginning!

OK, rapid-fire: Music festivals or club basements?
It's cool to play both, because you can play different stuff and people don’t expect the same things, but if I had to throw a birthday party, it'd be in a basement.

CRAZY SICK WOBBLES or SICK NASTY DIRTY BASS DROPS? Pop R&B Vocals over electro house, or electro house with some sweet pop R&B vocals?
From David Guetta to James Blake, I’m honestly a huge fan of vocal stuff.

What inspires you lately?
Rap music, trap music, Houston, Memphis and Atlanta. The best at its best. Frank Ocean, Ben Sims, Surgeon, The Weeknd, Green Velvet, Terror Danjah, and Future…Besides the music, riding horses and eating Mexican.

Zen-like. Besides the music, what makes Bromance different from any other record label?
Everything here starts from a collaboration of friends and family. Something that everybody can understand pretty easily.

Truth. Finally, when can we expect a full album? Or at least a full release from Bromance?
That's a surprise…even for us! We really don’t know for the moment.

We'll be keeping an eye out. Thanks!


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