Queens Of The Stone Age's Teaser For "The Vampyre Of Time And Memory"

Be prepared for something... ghoulish.

The first shot in the teaser for Queens of the Stone Age's interactive music video is vital: we see a taxidermy deer on the floor with its eyes bulging and its tongue hanging slack. This is how viewers will look and feel after experiencing the interactive video for "The Vampyre Of Time and Memory" this Wednesday. 

It's Halloween week, and it's time to get a little shaken up, a little spooked. This is the video that will make your skin crawl in that addicting way that makes it hard to look away. 

Directors Jason Trucco and Kii Arens collaborated with The Creators Project to re-imagine the music video as a virtual art installation distinguished by horror, weird beauty, and a deep vein of surrealism. There have been interactive music videos in the past, but none that so strongly capture a band's essence. 

Stay tuned for the full video, coming soon to www.vampyreoftimeandmemory.com. Just be prepared for something... ghoulish. 

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