teamLab’s 40 Meter Digital Mural Captures Even The Strangest Details Of Tokyo

<p>13 monitors seamlessly embedded into the wall form this incredibly intricate moving picture.</p>

Stretching 40 meters long and three meters high across the ground floor walls of the world's largest tower, Tokyo Skytree, teamLab's TOKYO SKYTREE mural captures and animates the finest and strangest details of the busy city. The famous Tsukiji fish market, the home of sumo wrestling in Ryogoku, Ueno Zoo, Asakusa Kannon temple- you name it, you'll find it tucked somewhere inside this vivid, byzantine digital picture.

Incorporating a style of traditional Japanese art, the mural embraces a flatness without a focus but still illuminates an abundant amount of stimulation and information. And because the mural partitions various scenes into different sections, it makes a courteous nod to the scenic, painted folding screens prevalent during the Edo period.

13 embedded monitors throughout the mural ignite boats, cars, clouds, pedestrians, and even dolphins into movement, forming a seamless moving picture. Elevating their work as "ultra-technology art," teamLab also makes smart innovations with sound including these dreamy color-changing musical orbs from earlier this year.