Tanlines Enlist Their Clones As Extras For Their New Video "Not The Same"

<p>The Brooklyn dance-pop duo perform every piece of the composition as copies of themselves.</p>

When we first met Tanlines (see above), they gave us the grand tour of their Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, where they build the multi-layered electro-pop sound they are known for. We were further amazed when they busted out their live show at The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012, proving that they can recreate their sound live as a two-man act. Tanlines’ newest video for “Not The Same” reveals what it would be like if they had enough bodies to perform their entire compositions as a multi-piece live band, with a couple of members in place for every individual sound. Of course, the only team that would suffice is made up of lots of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm clones.

The duo directed the video themselves, an involvement that becomes clear at the end when you zoom out and see them in directors chairs overseeing the performance of their clones—yet another example of the cleverness that emanates from these two sonic creatives. Check out the video for “Not The Same” below, and below that, check out their performance at our São Paulo event earlier this year.

If you’re in New York, you can catch Tanlines live at Webster Hall tomorrow night!