Take An Audiovisual Journey Into A Glittering, Mechanized World

<p>Roland Budai&#8217;s 3D animation <i>Races and Faces</i> explores an abstract, mirrorball wonderland.</p>

Races and Faces from Roland Budai on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for some audiovisual candy to while away a few minutes of your time, then cast your eyes and ears on Races and Faces from Roland Budai with sound from Tamás Skáfár. Mechanized, abstract shapes dance across the screen, moving with all the satisfaction of a Transformer turning from a bot into a truck.

Shiny textures and kaleidoscopic patterns merge with computer interfaces which float about over the 3D animations. It all adds up to a very atmospheric (demo) scene, which feels like you’ve climbed into the mind of Optimus Prime after he’s had a night on peyote.

[via Vimeo]