Take A Trip To Fiery 8-bit Hell In Lorn's New Video For "Weigh Me Down"

<p>The Ninja Tune artist&#8217;s music is the perfect backdrop for evil minotaurs and and swinging meathooks.</p>

As we confirmed in our recent interview with him, when Lorn is on the decks, dark is the name of the game. His new single from Ask The Dust is no different, featuring his own affected, gloomy vocals, as previously promised for this record. And the darkness in “Weigh Me Down” is doubled with possibly the most twisted 8-bit video we’ve ever seen.

Animator Max Friedrich takes us on a trip to hell through the eyes of a minotaur who gradually grows less human and more bull as we move through the swinging meathooks and piles of cattle carcasses in this red world. It reminds us a little of David Scatliffe’s video for Po Po’s “SikSikSik,” with all the descending into an 8-bit hell and coping with it and all.