Take A Trip Through The History of Gaming

<p>Is there really any other way to look at the history of gaming than from the vantage point of a gamer in front of a television?</p>

Florian Smolka and some Munich-based game design students have crafted a first person journey into the history of gaming that spans from the late 1950s to present day and beyond, via the perspective of a gamer ratcheting through every console era. Smolka, who directed the film, and his student team have crafted a video that is not only engaging, but takes advantage of a point of view that should be all too familiar to any fan of first person video games.

Beginning all the way back in 1958 (bet you didn’t think gaming went back THAT far, huh?) with Tennis for Two for the Oscillocope, the video truly runs the gamut of classic games throughout the ages: from Pacman to Street Fighter II, Final Fantasy VII to Wii Sports Golf, Super Smash Bros. to Rock Band. It’s a fascinating visual look at how games evolved from tiny pixelated screens with basic functionality to more colorful, intricately designed, interactive fare.