Tag Team

<p>Powderly pal Aram Bartholl&#8217;s capture code graffiti.</p>

James Powderly, creator and laser tagger at large, founded F.A.T. Lab to create a virtual space where likeminded artists and engineers could post their latest projects and feed off one another’s energy. Aram Bartholl, longtime F.A.T. Lab member, is into tagging too. Instead of lasers, he blows up computer captcha codes, which are those little nonsense words we all have to enter in order to prove we’re human online. “I like to think about what the relationship is from computer to human, and now the computer is deciding whether we’re human or not,” Bartholl says. “I put them next to graffiti because graffiti are codes too.” Want more? Check out this video from Bartholl to Powderly, explaining how to blackmail a friend, in a good way. In this case, Bartholl is putting pressure on Powderly to write his book already, via video. You can also read the book intro Powderly’s already written since Bartholl posted the video if you scroll down Bartholl’s F.A.T. Lab page, proof that it’s working so far.