Sungdae Kim's The Cracks Combines Natural Elements With LEDs

<p>The artists aims to symbolize the planet&#8217;s erosion at our hands.</p>

We’ve seen a handful of artists that use light as a means of artistically interpreting nature, for instance Korean photographer Eunyeol Lee's Starry Night, which transforms natural environments into stages of illuminated fancy.

In a similar vein, Korean artist Sungdae Kim modifies natural elements with light to create artworks with an environmentalist message, focusing on how nature suffers from the extent of our contact with it. Kim’s four-piece installation series entitled The Cracks is predominantly made of soil and arranged to appear like eroding earth. The cracks are highlighted with LEDs, meant to emphasize the dehydration of our planet and our impact on the atmosphere.

In the artist’s own words, “The suggestion of coexistence that nature gives out shows through the light coming from the cracked ground. And this light that holds the seeds of life welcomes us to continue to live in unison.”