Sulumi Has a New Record and is Live in Beijing

<p>China&#8217;s electronic music-fest welcomes a Creator.</p>

This weekend the INTRO Electronic Music Festival kicks off in Beijing. Spanning three days, across three stages, and with more than 40 international DJs and electronic artists, this Acupuncture Records-hosted event promises to bring the future of digital music and art to 10,000 ecstatic Chinese music fans. The party begins the afternoon of May 22 and will take place at D-Park, a Bauhaus-style plaza in the heart of the city. Be sure to catch Chinese Creator/electro wizard Sulumi as he entrances the masses with his Game Boy-produced wonder-works.

And just in time, too. Sulumi is also preparing to release Chaotic Tänze Der Funktion, a German-inspired remake of Chaotic Dances The Function, his wildly adored release from 2008. For the update, he’s mostly stuck with the Game Boy-plus-nano-loop formula, but he’s added a bit more by way of unique electronic constructs and cut way back on the low-bit effects. Ultimately, the new EP bridges his past and future, from early 8-bit to straight dance music, though slightly slower in rhythm and stripped of much of the melody. But don’t think he’s changing anything too drastically: "Low-bit is my thing. I am not going to give it up, but will try to dig out new ways," Sulumi told us this week.

He also indicated that he wanted to name this new EP Dark Beijing, which would more precisely express where he’s at these days, but in the end he didn’t want the extra political meaning to pollute his music. Making note of the otherworldly aspects of his work, he added, "I love the feeling that music comes to me by itself."

Make sure to check out this show if you are anywhere near China.