Stunning Water Projection Recounts The Birth Of The Universe And The Evolution Of Life

<p>Grzegorz Nowiński&#8217;s <i>Beginning</i> delivers a short history of everything.</p>

Nothing less than the birth of the universe, through to the formation of earth and onwards to our present times, is the subject tackled in this water projection animation, Beginning, from Novina Studio—made for an outdoor event earlier this year.

The black and white film, projected onto a jet of water like Max Hattler’s piece X, jolts to life with an abstract explosion and journeys onwards through the early cosmos, flying past asteroids and onto the earth gradually forming. Then it whizzes through volcanoes ruling the earth and heads onwards to the evolution of life and, finally, to the appearance of modern, rucksack-wearing man.

So quite a lot of history to get through in such a short period, but it does it, and it looks incredibly immersive too, looming over the audience as it goes through its plotted history of life, the universe, and everything.